What Do My Dues Do?

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Association Mission

The Maryland Nurses Association promotes excellence in the nursing profession with a culture of camaraderie, mentoring, diversity, and respect for colleagues. We provide programs and educational development for continued personal and career growth. As the voice for nursing in Maryland, we advocate for policy supporting the highest quality health care.

What Do My Dues Do?

Advocacy for policies supporting nurses like you in your home state of Maryland:
Recent examples:

  • Support for recent updates to licensing and certification requirements
  • Support for recently passed safe patient lifting standards
  • Support for financial assistance to working part-time nursing students

The promotion of nurses and the nursing profession at the national level:
Recent example: the ANA’s Safe Staffing Campaign, Safe Staffing Saves Lives

Membership in the American Nurses Association, including
Subscription to the ANA journals, The American Nurse and The American Nurse Today
ANA advocacy, conventions, and continuing education activities.

The Maryland Nurse – Your finger on the pulse of nursing in Maryland.
A regular newsletter about the activities, achievements and challenges faced by nurses here in the Maryland/DC area, as well as reports from major conferences, educational activities and other professional groups.

Continuing Education (CEU) Opportunities throughout the state of Maryland
Recent examples:

  • Leadership for Healthcare Change, Annual Meeting

Networking Events such as the Networking Dinner at Annual Meeting

Achieving the highest quality health care in your State of Maryland
Recent examples:

  • Testimony in support of the recently passed Clean Cars Act

The MNA Annual Meeting and Convention – Leadership for Healthcare Change

Active monitoring of legislation that impacts YOUR Nursing Practice

Tracking trends and important changes in nursing standards of clinical practice,
education, compensation, workforce issues, challenges and concerns facing nurses
just like you!