Committee Members

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This page lists the names of the MNA standing Committees and the names of the volunteers who serve on those Committees.

Executive Committee

Finance Committee

Bylaws Committee

Center for Ethics & Human Rights Committee

Tina Reinckens – Chair

Lorraine Huber – Co-Chair

Jaki Thomas – Secretary

Dyan Benta

Sara Cross

Tannyka Coleman

Violet Ebbesen

Kathleen Galbraith

Beatrice Grant

Keir Reid-Young

David Johnson

Megan Mann

Althea Maynad

Doris Scott McClain

Stacey Moreland

Tyree Morrison

Kathleen Ogle

Nayna Philipsen

Reemell Hercules

Mary Zufall

Legislative Committee

Josie Ogaitis, Co-Chair

Mary Kay DeMarco, Co-Chair

Michelle Duell

Georgia Perdue

Elise Schryver

Frieda Butler

Donna Zankowski

Rosemary Mortimer

Chirstie Simon Waterman

Nancy Eaton

Gewreka Nobles

Mary Beachley

Karen McClure

Neysa Ernst

Patricia Travis

Membership Committee

Practice & Education Committee

Workplace Advocacy Committee

The Maryland Nurse Editorial Board

Beverly Lang, MScN,, RN, CRNP, Editor

Marie DiPasquale, PhD, RN, CNE

Naomi (Bea) Lamm, MS, RN

Diane Friend, BSN, RN

Phyllis Brodsky, RN, MS

Janice Hoffman, PhD, RN

Patricia Travis, RN, PhD, CCRP

Continuing Education Approver Committee

Continuing Education Provider Committee

Nominating Committee